How to go about commercial hard floor cleaning?

A sparkling, elegant surface floor will illuminate your business too. It improves professional image and facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance of the same. However, it requires time and consistent effort. You ought to utilize the hi-tech equipment and the right methods to clean hard surfaces for a shine. 

No matter what your industry is, you need to check out the below tips for commercial hard floor cleaning. So, let’s begin.

1. Determine the type of flooring

Your cleaning routine is highly dependent on the kind of flooring on your business premises. Different types of flooring have varied cleaning requirements. So, analyze what is the floor type – they could be tile, ceramic, wood, vinyl? Are there carpets placed in the entryway or on the stairs? All need to be cleaned up during the routine. Select a method that chooses your floor type for its safety and subsequent maintenance. 

2. Hire a professional cleaning service 

Of course, appointing a skilled cleaning agency is the key to get sparkling hard surfaces. Internet research might help you in this part. These agencies clean surfaces at various business organizations using high standards, advanced methods, and the best equipment. 

Before we move towards their approach towards each type of flooring, let us understand their step-by-step process. 

  • Step 1: Evaluation – In the initial phase, the cleaning professionals evaluate the flooring to understand the floor types, the intensity of stains, and determine which cleaning method needs to be applied. They will have an overall look at your business premises, including washrooms and staircases. 
  • Step 2: Pre-Testing – The professionals determine which cleaning products work best for the office floor. 
  • Step 3: The real Cleaning – This step involves cleaning and removal of dirt, stains, grime, dust from the floors. Specialized cleaning equipment and solutions are used for the said purpose. 
  • Step 4: Finishing – Suitable floor finishes are applied to the surfaces for extended life. 

Having understood about the process, let us know which the best way to clean a particular floor surface is. 

3. A perfect way to clean wood surfaces 

The wood floor should not be intensely cleaned with excess water and liquid solutions. If too much water is poured on the wood floor, it will get absorbed easily into the same, and result in permanent damage. Your office staff is supposed to sweep the hard floors on a daily basis. Professionals use gentle liquid cleaners to eliminate stains and spills. Also, specialized solutions are available in the market and can be used as per the wood type and finishing.

4. A perfect way to clean tile surfaces 

Tile surfaces are also made out of various kinds; you will have to determine it beforehand and choose an appropriate cleaning solution. It is recommended to use non-abrasive cleaners for tile cleaning as strong solutions can damage the grout. It happens that while cleaning tiles, grout is missed, resulting in improper clean-up. A business should take care of this sufficiently by hiring agencies for tile and grout cleaning in adelaide. They have effective cleaning tools to give you a spotless floor.

5. A perfect way to clean vinyl and laminate surfaces 

The best advice is to use little water as possible to clean vinyl and laminated surfaces. Even a slight amount of excess water can cause serious damage to your floors. Regular cleaning of spills should be ensured to avoid a chaotic situation in the future. On the same lines, sweeping and light mopping should be done by the staff regularly. 

6. A perfect way to clean concrete floors 

Sealing concrete floors is the best way to avoid absorption of stains on the surface. Also, stiff brushes should be used for deep cleaning instead of the manual ones. 

7. A perfect way to clean carpets 

Your office premises might not be completely covered with carpets. Only a few areas will have carpets, and it needs regular cleaning regimes such as vacuuming, hand scrubbing, and deep cleaning. You can try to seek a package from the cleaning agencies that covers floor and carpet cleaning as well. 

Though cleaning hard floor surface is challenging, a business organization can take help of a professional cleaning service. 

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