13 Secrets to Making Your Cleaning Business Successful

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The Entrepreneur Press staff and Jacquelyn Lyn explain how to launch a successful cleaning service in Start Your Cleaning Service. This includes maid services, janitorial cleaning services, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, and more. This edited excerpt contains advice from successful owners of cleaning businesses about how to be successful in the industry. Many people

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Inspecting Your Home

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Both buyers and sellers have good reasons to know the basics of home inspection. For sellers, a pre-inspection can help them anticipate any home maintenance issues that might arise during the selling process. Buyers will find it helpful to learn how to perform a DIY inspection of a home. This is especially true if the

How to Prepare Your Home for an Inspection

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The home inspection in Kitchener ON is the last thing you should worry about when selling your house. The review will go more smoothly if you prepare well in advance. There is no perfect home. Potential buyers need to be aware of any issues in your home before they buy. You can take steps to

The Dos & Donts Of Window Cleaning

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It doesn't matter whether you're having guests at the weekend, planning to sell your home or just want your house to look great - window cleaning will always be advantageous. This is because, having clean windows will make your home sparkle from the outside, thereby enhancing its curb appeal.  Such is the reason why it’s

What You Actually Benefit From Professional Rug Cleaning Services?

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Hiring a commercial rug cleaning service is a trend followed by homeowners. These services are exceptional. They provide challenging services – cleaning and maintaining your rugs and carpets. They offer a lot more than just cleaning services. To get more familiar, you can search for the best cleaning rug services online. You can take the

Guide to cleaning your new home

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Imagine this; you bought your dream house in New Jersey after jumping the hoops of mortgage pre-approval, the final report of a home inspector in Monmouth County, repairs, and closing time negotiations. As you start moving in with your things, you walk into a dirty and dusty house. This is not an uncommon scenario with

Planning To Paint Your Kitchen? Take A Look At Some Classic Kitchen Colour Choices

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There’s no denying that you can easily change the look of your kitchen space by just painting it. A new paint job is extremely necessary if you want your kitchen to look clean and feel cozy.  But, you may be wonder about the colours that can make your kitchen walls look the best, which is

Your 6-step Guide to Forever Sparkling Clean Home!

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There’s no place like home! And nothing supersedes the joy of coming back to a tidy, sparkling, clutter free home. But not all can afford professional cleaners to carry out the task required for such a shining house. Of course, it’s our own hard work and time that go in maintaining and cleaning our home.

Cowhide Rug: Professional Cleaning and Regular Rug Care

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Cowhide rugs have been trending in Sydney over the last few years. The manufacturers use genuine cow skin and hair that are tanned and turned into rugs. The tanning process is mostly eco-friendly and includes either vegetable or chromium tanning. These rugs are very soft, and each of them has unique patterns and shades. These

Are There Different Types of Window Cleaning Services?

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If you believed that there is only one way to clean your windows, then you were wrong! Yes, there are various kinds of window cleaning services which are designed based on the climate and other geographical conditions and the filth on them. Keeping your windows striking clean throughout the year can be a daunting task,