5 Tips On How To Pressure Wash Your Home

Using a pressure washer, you will be able to clean old paint quickly in your home. As the old paint with wither off, the new coat of paint on the house’s exterior will stick better and also last longer as well. 

The pressure washer is one of the time-saving tools that you can get in the market for thoroughly pressure washing your entire home. It will help in cleaning all the grime, dirt and the chalking paint from the house’s exterior. This is why professionals have started to prefer the method of pressure washing over the older cleaning process of using an old scrub brush.

Tips And Tricks For Home Pressure Washing

1. Managing Your Safety 

If operated in an incorrect way, pressure washers can pose to be a significant danger. The water blast at high pressure can cause damage to property and also create any severe injury as well. Therefore, wearing ear and eye protection is hugely recommended. All the pressure house washing Auckland professionals suggest wearing boots, gloves and shirts with long-sleeves. 

Keep close attention to the direction of the nozzle when activating the sprayer. Ensure that no human is nearby and you have to be careful when using the equipment around doors, windows, overhangs, etcetera. If it is a windy day, keep track of the wind direction; otherwise, it can blow the pressurised water right back at you. So, always be cautious and careful with the system. 

2. Choosing The Correct Equipment

When you plan to buy a pressure washer, you should always look at the water flow per minute in terms of gallons, rather than looking at the Pounds Per Inch (or PSI). For example, a 6 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) machine rated at 4000 PSI will wash much better than a 5 GPM machine rated at 4500 PSI.

You should also make sure that the machine will be able to carry both the cleaning agent and the water. For example, when you’re washing concrete, you’d likely to use a bit of chlorine along with the water, to keep the mould and mildew from appearing again. Using a bit of required chemical will help the cleaned surface to last longer than usual.

3. Tracking The Pressure Setting

You should remember that not every job with the pressure washer will need the highest pressure setting. When cleaning a house, you should always select the lowest pressure setting. You can also use interchangeable nozzles to change the pressure setting or use your equipment manual for specific instructions. 

First, you have to apply chemicals from the ground up. Then you can start rinsing from top to bottom, in order to avoid the chemical drying up, just like water blasting in Auckland services.

4. Protecting Your Property

Cars and plants are very vulnerable to the high-pressure stream of water and chemicals coming out of the machine. You have to first rinse your plants and automobile (if you have one) with clean water before and after the pressure washing process. This will help in diluting the chemicals that may have got onto the surface of the car or plants. 

Plants with dry leaves will absorb the chemical-filled water much faster than a plant with wet leaves. 

5. Knowing The Limits

There will be situations where certain stains will not get removed even if you turn the pressure all the high up. And if you try too hard with the highest pressure setting, then it can do more damage than good. For example, if your concrete driveway has oil spots, there is very little you can do about it. Mould and mildew spots will come off quickly, but rust or acorn stains are tougher to remove. 

You also have to know that basic pressure washing can be simple and easy to do. But, if the job is severe, it is always a better idea to call for professionals. Professionals with experience will do the job better and faster than you. 

Also, if you have a house that is more than one-storeyed, you should always call the pressure washing professionals, because working on the roof can be dangerous. The operators will have the required equipment to wash higher storeyed homes without using any ladder. 

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