The Best Eco-Friendly Window Cleaner Ever!

What do you think? Can natural window cleaners clean as well as the chemical ones? Or are you ready to sacrifice the cleaning efficiency for the love of the environment, or vice versa? Well, you don’t need to sacrifice, neither the outcome nor the environment. It simply doesn’t mean that the need for clean windows implies the need to pollute the environment with dangerous chemicals. Chemical cleaners can disinfect surfaces, and lead to clean, bacteria-free windows, but can also cause skin irritations, allergies etc. So, it’s much better to go for natural homemade cleaners that will clean without leaving a streak or an environmental injury.

For years, you must have been trying to get your windows clean, but never end up with crystal clear ones. There would always be a filmy residue or chalky streaks which would stay back even after the windows dried up. You must have tried a variety of window cleaners and store bought concoctions from different brands, as well as used newspapers to clean windows, but never came across THE window cleaner. Now, you can get hold of a really great natural window cleaner from Green Addict and it will not only clean your windows but also leave it smelling delicious. It’s one of the best eco-friendly solutions you can lay your hands on and leave behind a brilliant non-streak finish.

How to make and use a great homemade window cleaner yourself:

You could also make your own homemade concoctions which will be the perfect examples of environmentally friendly cleaning products. It will give you immediate results and when used in the proper proportions and techniques, will leave you with results that even super expensive chemical cleaners won’t provide. So, here’s how you can make and use your own super effective eco-friendly window cleaner at home:

  • Proportions: This cleaner is super easy to make and you just need a few ingredients. And what more, these ingredients are such that you will find them in any home, any time. You will need 2 cups of water, 1/4th cup of white vinegar and ½ teaspoon of any dish detergent available at home.
  • Equipment: Now, this is going to be even simpler. Say goodbye to the days of piles of used paper towels, ladders etc. You just need to arrange a bucket, a scrub brush with an extension pole (optional), water hose which may or may not have a sprayer attachment and that’s it. That’s all the tools you need for sparkling crystal clear windows.
  • The process: The first step is to make a whole bucket of the cleaning solution. Then, with the help of a soft bristle scrub brush, you need to clean the window. The brush may have an optional extension pole thingy that makes it handy to dip it into the bucket solution and then scrub it to clean the windows. Next, before it dries off completely, spray or rinse it with clean water. You need to rinse it off vigorously so that no soapy residue is left on the windows. This is where a hose fitted with a sprayer attachment shall come into use. And voila! You will have clean, streak-free windows in no time.
  • Notes to remember: You could also use the cleaning solution in a spray bottle but if you have a lot of windows to work on, the bucket and scrub brush combo works better. You need to use a scrub brush which has extremely soft bristles or even a sponge mop may work well. You need to rinse with plenty of water and do it before the solution has a chance to get dried up on the window itself. It’s crucial to keep this thing in mind, particularly for the windows which are under the hot sun as that leads the solution to get dried super quickly.

So, these were some of the main things you need to consider while making your own DIY natural cleaner for your windows at home. It’s super easy, mostly effective, and super affordable.  


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