Professional Vs Yourself: Which is Better for Home Cleaning

Having your home cleaned is not very fun thing to do but necessary. House Cleaning is not just important for removing stubborn stains from your carpet, floor or furniture. Having your home cleaned will improve and prolong the life of your possessions and give you healthy and safe environment.

Most homeowners not even get time to clean their home regularly. Due to which most people decide to hire home cleaning service. Though there are so many home cleaning and industrial cleaning services you will find in Adelaide but, only few are the reliable ones like Clean Advice. Before you invest your money on professionals, you must be aware about the pros and cons of it. Although there are number of perks that you get by hiring professional home cleaning service, there are some disadvantages too.

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring home cleaning service:


You can benefit a lot from hiring a professional team of cleaners. For example:

  • Clean and good smelling interiors: When an efficient home cleaner deals with the home cleaning, your home looks good and smell great. After a tiring day, arriving at such a clean and good smelling home is always pleasurable.
  • You get hygienic environment: A hygienic environment is what we all want where you don’t have to worry about the nasty smell, mold, bacterias and other allergens. The knowledge and skills of cleaning experts make your home bacteria-free, allergen-free and a safer place for you and your family.
  • Back-breaking and exhausting chores can be avoided: Tasks like vacuuming and toilet cleaning, mopping an entire house, washing the windows are all back-breaking and exhausting tasks that requires physical labor. It is time-consuming also. You can avoid all these tasks if you hire a home cleaner, irrespective of the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a professional cleaning service in Adelaide . They are so trained in such tasks and can do it more efficiently and timely than you.
  • You focus on more important work: Why waste your time cleaning something or the other, the whole day? Just give your time to family, friends that truly needs your time and spend it on doing what you love.


There are also some disadvantages to opting for a professional home cleaners.

  • It can be expensive: Great service is benefit that you get from a cleaning company but a nominal cost that comes with it can be taken as a borne. However, there are numbers of cleaning companies out there that provide services for every budget, but you need choose carefully.
  • Trust Issues: Letting an unknown person into your home it not easy. You live under that constant fear, if the person would be reliable or not. Even if you hire through a trusted company, you still feel that awkwardness because you don’t know the person.

DIY Home Cleaning Service


If you are one of those people who think they can perform cleaning better than professionals or want to save some extra bucks, you are probably tempted to carry out the job yourself. Let’s see how this could be a good decision.

  • You save money: If you are comfortable with DIY house cleaning then all you have to spend is your effort and time and affordable cleaning materials. If it sounds like a good deal to you then go for it.
  • You don’t have to let strangers into your property: This option may be ideal for those who have trust issues.


Conversely, you may want to think again before you buy cleaning materials and put on the rubber gloves.

  • You may end up spending more: Cleaning tasks require special tool, skills and knowledge. Especially when it comes to cleaning the stubborn stains on your upholstery not knowing which cleaning solution and equipment to use can make you spend even more than professional cleaning service.
  • You can risk your health: Your time and health is more valuable in comparison to the cost of hiring a professional service. After those tiring weekdays, you think of spending your time relaxing and enjoying with friends and family but spending your weekends on cleaning the entire home can make you feel even more exhausted and restless or it might degrade your health.

We won’t tell you what you should choose, but we are sure you already know.

If you think we missed out on something or you have any tips on suggestions, feel free to write us in the comment box below.


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