Cowhide Rug: Professional Cleaning and Regular Rug Care

Cowhide rugs have been trending in Sydney over the last few years. The manufacturers use genuine cow skin and hair that are tanned and turned into rugs. The tanning process is mostly eco-friendly and includes either vegetable or chromium tanning. These rugs are very soft, and each of them has unique patterns and shades. These rugs are famous for their warmth and appearance as they enhance the look of your house. They are most durable and are said to last longer than any other type of rug. These rugs are distinctive and a little expensive. So, it is necessary to protect and maintain them properly with the utmost care. Cleaning cowhide rug is the most crucial part, and you need to clean them professionally. Here are some ways you can protect your cowhide rugs with the help of cowhide rug cleaner in Sydney. 

Professional Cowhide Rug Cleaners

Professional rug cleaners are experts who provide rug cleaning services and restoration of damaged or faded rugs. They make use of advanced technological equipment and machines to clean the carpets. They vacuum them to remove dust and dirt from both sides. After the vacuum and inspection, they start cleaning and washing the rugs by scrubbing them with gentle machines. Their drying process is less time consuming and very convenient. They also offer the pick and drop services, if they clean the rugs at their place.

Cowhide Rug Care 

Getting your cowhide rug cleaned frequently is essential. However, daily care and maintenance are necessary to make the cowhide mat more durable. Here are some care tips that you can execute regularly. 

  • Vacuum the rug regularly and comb it every day in the same direction. It will keep the hair in the rug soft and dirt free. 
  • Do not let stains stay on the rug for longer and avoid any spills and such on them.
  • If there are any stains, then clean them right away so that they do not penetrate the fibers.
  • Use a paper towel or damp cloth to wipe out the stains that create puddles on the rugs. If the stain persists, then use non-alkaline soap or detergent or white vinegar to clean the spots.
  • Shift your furniture frequently so that it does not sag into the rugs and create patches.
  • Lastly, get your carpets cleaned regularly with the help of professionals. 
  • Do not place the cowhide rug under direct sunlight to avoid ruining the shades and designs.


Cowhide rugs look beautiful and improve the appearance of your house. Regular cleaning makes them look fresh and keeps them soft. They won’t look old, weathered, and dirty. So, improve the atmosphere of your house with clean and warm cowhide rugs.

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