Post Construction Cleaning Leads – Get more contracts

It would be best if you were not aiming to win new contracts by generating leads for post-construction cleaning. Instead, it would be best if you aimed to get your services in front of all contractors in your area. This will help them remember your name if they need your service in the future.

This article will explain how to quickly contact as many contractors within your locality as possible and generate leads for post-construction cleaning.

Use Social Media

Social media is now a part of everyday life for most people, and businesses are slowly catching on. Some construction companies may not be active on social media. However, enough are to allow you to like their pages and message them manually. You can also start a discussion about your services.

Don’t just outright sell your services. We’re here to raise awareness. Focus on developing relationships over time to generate leads for commercial cleaning.

Check out our article about Ads on Facebook for Cleaning Businesses and learn how you can leverage paid ads to get your message to more potential customers.

SEO Focus

Two reasons are why every successful cleaning company should have a SEO optimized website:

How to generate leads using Google searches

It would be best if you were a legitimate business.

Websites for cleaning companies have become the new business cards. People who are interested in your business and want to check if it’s legitimate will look up your website.

A website can help you reach people who may not have heard of your company but could need your services.

It is important to grow a residential cleaning company, and it can also be beneficial for post-construction cleaning businesses.

Use Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is your drinking/golf partner if the Internet is your best friend.

If you have exhausted all your options for free online, then start driving to earn dollars.

What is driving you to earn dollars?

If you’re in the business of cleaning up after construction, it means you have to drive around and look for construction sites. You can ask the project manager to meet you at the construction site. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can also take down the phone number, e-mail address, or postal address of someone to whom you want to send a promotional package.

Join Contractor Boards

Each state has a licensing agency for contractors that lists all licensed contractors. Contractors can also post their jobs on many websites so that subcontractors may submit bids.

You can find contractors in these goldmines, even if they are not online or difficult to locate.

Ask for referrals

You should have no trouble acquiring your first few customers using the strategies listed above. Your website and referrals will take you the rest of your way.

Referrals are available for anyone.

Contractors for Framing

General Contractors


Deck & Fence Contractors

Floor Installers

Concrete Contractors

Commercial Builders

You can ask your clients to let you know if they have any contacts in these industries that may be interested in your services. You may not be able to think of anyone, but they will mention your name when discussing your services with their co-workers.

Takeaway: A referral strategy is an important part of any local service provider’s business plan.

Final Thoughts

You can increase the profits of your cleaning business by focusing on cleaning jobs after construction.

It is not necessary to overthink marketing your construction cleaning company.

You can work with more than enough businesses in the construction industry. You’ll find that almost all construction companies need cleaning services.

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