7 DIY Plumbing Tips that will help you Save a Lot of Time and Money

Plumbing can turn out to be a tad expensive unless you find the right plumber – that’s all the more reason for you to check out these DIY tips and see if you can handle some of the basic maintenance tips and repairs on your own. If you have zero plumbing experience and have little to no idea what to do next, then you are better off calling in the professionals. Assuming that you have some experience in plumbing, you may want to take a closer look at some of these tips, which can well help you save money in the process.

  • Valves and Cocks: The first thing that you need to do, in case of any plumbing issue is to take a closer look at all the requisite valves and cocks. You should be able to spot a leaky valve right away. The one thing that you need to do before you take a wrench to the valve is to turn off the isolation valve or rather, turn off the water supply. You are basically turning off the valve to a particular area since you do not want to get splashed on by water as you attend to some of the basic repairs. If you are not sure about handling the DIY work, then you would be better off searching online for leaking tap repairs.
  • Dripping Taps: Dripping taps can be quite irksome but can be easily fixed, as long as you are willing to do some DIY work on your part. Basically, you need to change the washer, and since the current washer is a tad outdated, that is why the tap is leaking. This needs to be changed and you should be able to fix it within minutes. Again if you are not sure of handing the repair work on your own, you may want to Google search water leak detection path. 
  • Refer Online Help Manuals: The good news is that there are several online help manuals and videos that you can refer to for some basic DIY plumbing work. For example, let’s say that you are trying to fix your tap. Then you know that you basically need to unscrew it, remove the other part and then make your way to the interior. Even though the design may differ slightly from one tap model to the other, the basic premise is the same. So check out the various online manuals and help files to give you the assistance that you require.
  • Cracked Bath: One of the irksome things that you may come across is a cracked bath. In case of a cracked bath, you need to use a sealant to seal it up but you may want to wait until the bath is completely dry. You need to opt for a silicone based sealant other than grout, as the former is softer and more flexible. Grout, on the other hand, is brittle and does not last long.
  • PTFE Tape: You got a leaking tap and you happen to be busy to the point that you cannot head over to the hardware store to purchase the required parts. In that case, you can use a PTFE tape as it can provide you with an effective, temporary solution for your leaking tap. Please remember that this solution is temporary at the moment and you still need to change the tap washer.
  • Lime Scale: If you notice a build-up of lime scale in and around your shower head as well as faucet, you can use malt vinegar to melt it all away. This should enable your bathroom to look as good as new.

These are some of the basic plumbing tips that you can handle on your own and thereby prevent footing an expensive plumbing bill. When all is done and the day is over,  you should be able to sleep easily since you have taken care of the leaky faucet.

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