Key Points To Hire Scaffolding Contractors

Moving upward is not a new trend. We’ve been making progress both in the industrial and domestic world. It is now the norm to move upwards (or vertically) – this signifies progress, a sense of accomplishment and growth.

In the same way, “vertical spaces” are given a special place in industries and construction. In commercial, industrial or residential spaces, there has always been a constant effort to find better ways to utilize vertical space.

This is where the idea of “work at height” comes into play. Scaffoldings systems, ranging from modern cup and ring locks to tube and fittings have become pivotal in vertical growth. One stands out as a tribute to engineering and human ingenuity.

Scaffolding Is A Vital Part Of Modern Development. It Allows For A Wide Range Of Activities.

  • Construction and engineering domain
  • Maintenance and industrial upkeep
  • All Work at Height Operations
  • Engineering and maintenance for onshore and offshore

Here Are Some Numbers That Support This Statement:

In the U.S., scaffolding is used in more than 70% of all construction projects. Around the world, with construction enjoying a boom across the Middle East and decent turnover in Asia, it’s safe to say that nearly half of these projects use modern scaffolding systems. When looking to Hire Scaffolding in Auckland, it’s crucial to consider the quality and reliability of the equipment for ensuring safety and efficiency on-site.

Work at height is one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Contractors are often in charge of scaffolding, even though modern build projects, industrial maintenance and related activities are managed by the organization.

selection criteria that places the highest importance on planning and execution of safe scaffolding operations is therefore a must.

Scaffolding contractors are hired by organizations because it’s a material-intensive, labor-intensive and knowledge intensive job. They may not know how a scaffolding contractor can fulfill their particular work at heightor construction activity.

We’ve put together some selection criteria or pointers to help you understand, analyze and make a decision about the best scaffolding contractor for you.

Look at the radial chart which shows a map of skills for choosing a scaffolding contractor.

Material quality is essential to ensure durability and superior work when scaffolding materials are used. The material should conform to EN or BS Standards which identify, define and verify that the material is suitable for its intended purpose. These insights can be gained by asking basic questions to the scaffolding contractor.

The next important element is a competent workforce. This is what will determine the success of a construction or maintenance project. It is important to make sure that your workforce is well-versed in the different types of scaffolding. A certified scaffolder is able to demonstrate their competency more than an uncertified scaffolder (but with experience). There are several qualifications and certifications in the scaffolding stream that can help you select the right combination of skills, knowledge and competency.

The knowledge of the different systems that make up modern scaffolding is called systemic knowledge. These systems are made up of cup lock, ring-lock and tube (pipes) and fittings. It is important to note that these systems are disciplines unto themselves – knowledge and working skills are not interchangeable. The certification will ensure that the individual is proficient in this particular scaffolding system. It is important to investigate the nature and purpose of scaffolding and to ask for more information from the contractor. When it comes to building complex structures, the knowledge of different disciplines or domains is only useful for the basics.

Safety Information is the part of SOPs or procedures where all the points above are listed, compiled into reference checklists. They are then provided to the workers and they can use them as a reference for each step of the scaffolding operation. The scaffolding contractor’s incident report is also a critical input. They should have a defined method for documenting and evaluating incidents. It gives a good idea of their safety record.

Management review systems have become increasingly valuable – in ideal circumstances, scaffolding contractors would benefit from a system that can serve as a guide for both them and any future contracting organization.

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