Four simple strategies to get cleaning contracts with apartments

You can earn recurring income for many years by being the property’s first-choice cleaner after tenants leave.

You can use these strategies to help you get cleaning contracts for apartments.

Use Email Outreach

Cold emails can seem like a gamble. This is a popular marketing tool for cleaning businesses, but you have to be careful.

Cold emails are rarely read or opened. Cold emailing is a difficult strategy for many cleaning companies.

You can improve your chances of getting your email read by apartment managers by following these tips:

Use a business email address. Use an email address that has a domain name similar to your company name. This will increase your chances of your message being read.

Make it easy for people to find you online. If a company receives an email from you, it will probably check your online reputation to make sure your business is legit. Have a current website and social media accounts. This will make it easier for people to find you.

Start with a sentence that is tailored to the recipient. Start with a sentence that is specific to the recipient or company. This will grab the reader’s attention and demonstrate that you have taken the time to research their company. You could mention an award they won or something you learned from their interview.

Keep your message short. Do not make your first email a wall text. Keep it brief and straight to the point. This will increase your chances of being read. It can be used as an introduction. After they have responded to your initial email, you can elaborate more on your services and experience.

Attend Apartment Conferences

The real estate and apartment conference is beneficial for landlords, property management companies, and other key players in the rental market. Contractors and vendors attend these events to build new relationships with clients.

These events can be a great way for you to advertise your carpet or cleaning services in apartments.

Check online to see if there are any apartment conferences in your area.

Have plenty of brochures and business cards on hand. These brochures may contain client testimonials and examples of your work and services.

Prepare to answer questions that clients may have about your company. Follow up with a professional message a few days after the initial contact if you still have their business cards.

Ask to speak with the Maintenance Supervisor and Property Manager

The cThe property manager or maintenance supervisor usually hires cleaning staff. Please stop by the property to ask for them.

Ask if the client is satisfied with their current cleaners and if you are interested in helping them.

You may be asked to provide pricing information. Your expertise will be demonstrated if you offer a wide range of prices. You’ll need to visit the apartments in order to make a cleaning proposal.

When you are giving them an estimate, you should always take a tour of a few apartments with the property manager or maintenance supervisor to understand the differences in the different types.

Ask them how they accept quotes. They may have a website for bidding, an email, or a proposal that you hand to them.

Ask them about how you can bid for apartment cleaning contracts. For example, some companies require that bids be submitted through a third-party bidding website. Some companies will ask that you send your proposals via email to a specific buying manager.

Join Facebook groups for apartment managers.

Success in Facebook groups is achieved by commenting on the posts of other members. You want to be seen as a considerate and helpful member before you pitch your services. Don’t be rude, and try not to sell.

Ask if you could send a message to someone who asks for recommendations on a cleaning service. Then, you can schedule a phone call to learn more about them and establish a relationship. Check your Facebook groups frequently to see if there are cleaners.

How can I promote my apartment cleaning service?

Attending conferences, networking with property management companies, and joining Facebook groups are all ways to market your apartment cleaning service.

Apartment cleaning contracts: Are they profitable?

Apartment cleaning contracts are profitable despite the low cost per square foot because they are consistent. Apartment complexes with many units need to be cleaned several times per week. They will pay more for a reliable company.


You have many opportunities to expand your cleaning business now that you know how you can get a contract with an apartment complex.

The management of a million-dollar apartment cleaning contract is much easier than managing a residential cleaning contract worth a hundred thousand dollars. Apartment cleaning prices will continue to rise with the new construction.

Apartment contracts can help you grow your business quickly, even if it’s just getting started.

You can grow your cleaning company by building your clientele through social media, email, phone calls, and in-person meetings, as well as attending apartment conferences.

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