Five best examples of a cleaning company’s website ‘About us’ section

Your About Us page should tell your website visitors about you and your business, including your brand story and core values.

You can use this opportunity to showcase your uniqueness and explain why people should choose you for their business.

Learn how to create a compelling brand story by using our list of hand-picked About Us pages.

Cleaning Company Examples: Top 5

The top 5 cleaning companies with the best About Us pages are MaidPro (Merry Maids), CottageCare (The Cleaning Company), The Cleaning Company and Spotless Clean By Peter.

Criteria for selection: These five websites were chosen based on strong Google rankings.

Your About Us page is one of the most visited pages on your website. It must be persuasive and well-thought-out to gain the trust of prospective clients. Here are some stellar examples of cleaning company About Us Pages that build rapport with clients:


You’ll be shown a short, entertaining story about how Mark Kushinsky founded his cleaning company in a 200-square-foot Boston office in 1992. MaidPro has over 250 locations across the U.S.

Visually compelling are photos of clean homes and happy customers.

This page briefly describes the company’s core values, including continuous learning and teamwork.

To inspire confidence, it highlights MaidPro’s outstanding commitment to cleaning, as guided by its 49-point checklist.

The page is sprinkled with calls to action.

Takeaway: A personal story creates a lasting, meaningful connection. To gain trust, share your humble beginnings.

Merry Maids

The headline is a catchy one, and the introduction highlights benefits such as a clean and healthy home to allow you to “enjoy life more.”

Storytelling flows through how Merry Maids began 40 years ago at Dallen Peterson’s house and how founder Dallen Peterson and his family cleaned homes themselves. It’s a heartwarming story. Merry Maids has over 500 locations across North America.

To avoid a cluttered, chunky layout, use quick links to separate pages with additional information, such as the history of the company and stories about team members.

Special offers and unique selling propositions, such as a worry-free 24-hour guarantee and text updates in real-time

Merry Maids has won a number of prestigious national awards, which have helped to cement its reputation as a brand that can be trusted.

For the peace of mind of every client, we emphasize background checks and vetted employees. We also provide complete insurance coverage.

A floating live chat button and strategic calls to action for easy communication

Takeaway: The About Us section is easy to read because it’s short and persuasive. Add links to more detailed pages, such as a more in-depth look at your company’s past, if you want to add more information.


CottageCare’s About Us section highlights the core values of the company: “Acquire justice.” Be generous. “Walk humbly.”

CottageCare’s rich and decades-long heritage builds credibility. The readers learn about Tom Schrader, who is a pioneer in the house cleaning industry, and how his family’s business has grown in North America.

Visually engaging are videos of founder Tom Schrader, a tour of CottageCare’s headquarters, and clear photos of its corporate team.

CottageCare’s eco-friendly services and clean-sweep guarantees are highlighted.

Takeaway: Sharp videos and images attract the reader’s attention, encouraging them to explore your cleaning service.

The Cleaning Company

A cute photo of a puppy with an emphasis on pet-friendly services is perfect for attracting pet owners.

A short biography of Defne is presented below, as well as a stunning, crisp photo. It includes her experience and background, as well as her roles in management at luxury hotels and restaurants.

This page highlights the company’s environmentally friendly services, its work guarantee, and its solid reputation as a cleaning company located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Calls to action for strategic planning

Key Takeaway: Demonstrate what makes you unique and trustworthy.

Peter Spotless Clean

The banner should summarize the benefits for customers. This could be flat-rate pricing, discounts, or hassle-free, no-contract cleaning services.

Peter’s story is told below, beginning with his time working in the Hilton housekeeping department, where he developed a passion for cleaning.

Clarity in the mission, vision, and work culture of a company

Customer support is available 24/7 via phone, SMS, email and chat.

Takeaway: By adding your mission statements (which are typically between one and three sentences in length), you can give your potential clients a better understanding of the goals of your cleaning business.

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