Find people looking for cleaners: Get cleaning service jobs

If you are just starting out or looking to expand your business, knowing where and how to find cleaners is important.

Market Your Cleaning Services Online

Digital marketing is essential to reach and compete with your target audience.

Take these steps to improve your digital marketing strategy

Create a Sleek Business Webpage

Every cleaning company needs a professional website design to properly represent their brand, regardless of whether they are targeting homeowners, builders, or realtors.

Your website will be visited by people who have heard about your company and want to know more. This creates a lasting impression.

The site conversion should be:

Easy and quick loading

Provide an excellent user experience

Include effective calls-to-action

Be search engine optimized

Bonus: Have a professional promo video

Create valuable content regularly

A cleaning blog allows you to connect with your audience by sharing your point of view.

Create regular, informative and high-quality cleaning posts ideas in order to increase your authority and credibility among your readers and Google.

Write about cleaning solutions and exciting topics, such as your cleaning methods, home cleaning tips, or how to remove hard-to-clean stain. You can also write about the benefits of using professional cleaning services.

Social Media: Get Social

You miss valuable opportunities if you do not have a social media presence.

Connect with your social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can find local property managers, realtors, and cleaners through Facebook groups, LinkedIn and Nextdoor.

Pay for Digital Advertising

You can run targeted campaigns using a variety of online advertising channels.

These campaigns will help you to increase your visibility, bring in cleaning leads and drive traffic to your website, ultimately increasing your sales and profits.

Facebook Ads for Cleaning Businesses, for example, allow you to target specific audience to get the best bang for your money compared to costly billboards which advertise blindly to everyone driving by your advertisement.

Your Facebook ads can be set to only show to homeowners in your service area.

Do not forget traditional advertising methods

Cleaning services are in high demand. Use timeless marketing strategies to reach the right customers for your cleaning business.

Reach out to your local community

It is important to participate in local events. This will help you connect with potential clients. To create positive publicity, you can offer cleaning services for free to non-profits, like charity events.

Distribute Flyers & Branded Products

Post flyers in busy areas and distribute pamphlets to promote your cleaning service.

Include your full contact information, including your email, phone number and website.

To pique interest, you can give away free items such as pens and printed shirts.

What you should include in your cleaning flyers

Expand Your Network

You can meet other local business owners and get referrals from them to clients who are looking for cleaners by attending local events.

Cleaning supply companies can, for example, recommend your cleaning service to renters and homeowners in high-end apartment buildings.

Attending apartment management conferences will allow you to meet property managers, and obtain cleaning agreements with apartment.

Search for construction sites to find cleaners.

Cleaning companies hire cleaners to do after-construction cleaning.

Request to speak to the project manager, or request contact details to send you your brochures and freebies.

Referral programs are a great way to get people involved in your business.

Referral programs are a great way to gain new customers, and encourage your existing clients to return.

Sending a thank-you note or calling your clients will let them know about your referral programme.

Referrals can be rewarded with discounted services or free upgrades to service packages.

Your customers can also refer your services to their friends and neighbors. You can be busy for several months if you target apartments.

These are some of the realtors who may be looking for cleaners.

You can find builders who are looking for cleaners by using these referrals.

Final Thoughts

To grow your cleaning business, you need to put effort into marketing cleaning services in order to attract quality clients and maintain a constant stream of customers. Use the tips listed above to locate people who are looking for cleaners.

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