Clean home is a happy home: House cleaning checklist that will ensure your house is the cleanest ever

Do you have an arduous task of cleaning your entire house ahead of you? It is manageable when you have to clean a single room but cleaning up the whole house can be quite a challenge. We have listed out few tips below that will help you with the cleaning the house.

Cleaning is an excellent excuse to declutter your space and let go of anything which you do not want to keep. Make it a point to get rid of things like the old clothes, plastic bottles, newspapers, cartons and spare boxes to only keep back things which you want to keep.

Begin with dusting the ceiling and the fan as you can then clean the rest of the house. As far as the waste materials are concerned, you can give them away to people who would need clothes. The metal and plastic can be given to recycling companies so that it does not contribute to pollution anymore.

Once you are done with the ceiling, you can then focus on dusting the rest of the place. For instance, dust the blinds, and remove cobwebs as soon as you spot them. For display cases, screens and TV, you should use the right cleaning solution so that there are no unnecessary scratches on it.

When it comes to mopping, you should start with the farthest corner and then work up to the entrance.

Below are specific tips on how you can clean the individual rooms.


Wipe the countertops as well as cabinets and clean all appliances from outside. Make sure that you use the right type of solutions to clean away the exterior of the appliances and use a soft cloth which gently cleans everything.

Next, you can clean the interior of all appliances such as the oven and refrigerator. Make it quick so that your food does not get spoilt.


Cleaning the bathroom has to be methodical, and you should first take away all the clothes, toiletries, and even mugs and buckets. Keep them in one place and then apply your choice of the toilet and floor cleaner. Let it stay for a while and then rinse it off.

Clean the mirrors of your bathroom as they are essential and make sure you replace the old rugs and napkins with recently washed ones.


The bedroom is essentially cleaned once you have dusted the house, put your closets properly and removed all the unnecessary clutter. You should also use a vacuum cleaner on the mattress to remove all the dust that is accumulated on it. Lastly, do not forget to make your bed beautifully.

If it is a kid’s bedroom, then you can clean it by putting all the toys in one place and ensuring that the rugs and carpet are changed frequently.


To clean the windows, you can use a mild glass cleaner. Always make sure to use soft cloth so that there are no marks. Moreover, you can also wipe them with newspaper for a clean finish.

For windows that are tough to reach, you should use cleaning equipment that is specific for the same.

Even the grills of the windows should also be cleaned efficiently. Make a solution of soap and water to clean away the same.

Thus, with the tips mentioned above, you can clean the entire house. It can feel a daunting task to clean the entire house, but patience is the key, and you will feel amazing when the task is complete. Begin by first decluttering the space and by only keeping what you actually would be using. Once you are done with the clutter, you can then focus on arranging the rest of the things. Use the right mix of solutions to clean things. Take the help of your family members to clean everything efficiently.

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