Natural stone can be used on the outside as well as the inside to enhance the home’s beauty and increase its resale values. Stonework on your exterior will improve curb appeal and protect your home against the elements. It can be used inside to make beautiful columns, fireplaces and feature walls.

Do-it-yourselfers should not attempt stone and masonry work. It can cause damage to the stone and masonry and will need to be repaired or replaced by a professional. Stone Solutions Inc., Edmonton is a master of their craft and will be attentive to every detail of your project. You can have a beautiful, durable and valuable home improvement by hiring the right stonemasonry contractor. Here are some tips for hiring the best stone masonry contractor.

Do your research.

Ask friends, family, and coworkers if they know of any stone or masonry contractors they would recommend. Online research is a great way to find reputable companies like Stone Solutions.

Request a business license.

Avoid unlicensed “renovators” or self-described handymen on websites like Kijiji. If they do not have a valid business license, insurance and WCB coverage, you should never hire a contractor to work on your house. This will protect you against scammers and make sure that you are fully covered for any damages or accidents that may occur on the jobsite.

Request estimates.

Each company has its own pricing. One company may charge per brick or per block, while another might offer an estimate based upon an hourly rate of labour and product. Others charge by the square foot. Learn how much they will charge and the total cost of your project.

Don’t cheap out.

The cheapest estimate may not always be the best. Stonemasonry is a skillful trade that requires years of experience and training. It is important to ensure that the project is completed correctly and that high-quality materials are used. You might get poor results if you hire a less experienced contractor.

View some of their past work.

Referrals of past jobs will be no problem for any reputable contractor. To find out if their clients are satisfied with the work, and if the experience with the company was good, you can contact them. You can ask to see interior projects or, if you are interested in exterior stonework work, take a look at the finished product. Ask the company whether they have ever completed a project similar to yours.

Request a written contract.

After you have chosen a stone-masonry contractor in Seattle that you are happy with, you should get a written contract detailing all the work they will do on your house. A detailed cost breakdown should be included in the contract, listing all labour, materials, and any other costs that may arise. You will need to include details about your project, such as a start date and a schedule.

Hire Stone Solutions in Edmonton, Stone Masonry Contractors

Stone Solutions, a masonry company based in Edmonton, has over 20 years combined experience in construction. They have a dedicated team that knows how to meet the needs of their clients and get the job done. They are as committed to you as their product. Visit their showroom to begin planning your stone renovation.

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