5 main reasons why you should hire a window cleaning service that uses water fed poles

For the most part, we are not really that aware of water fed poles or even how much they help in making the process of window cleaning a lot easier on the whole. Sure, they have come up recently, plus there is also the fact that many window cleaning services out there do not use them. Even though you have a responsibility to make sure that your space looks as neat and tidy as possible whether you are a businessman or a homeowner, that does not include only the interior.

Having said that, it is equally important for you to keep the exterior of the space in mind as well. Too many people make the mistake of only making the interior a priority. Sure, there are not that many things that need to be done, but the appearance of the exterior is just as important if not more.

On that very note, let’s take a good look at some of the main reasons why you should go specifically for window cleaning services that use water fed poles :-

  • They are eco-friendly: Not only do water fed poles use filtered water, but they do not even need heavy chemicals or detergents in order to ensure a thorough clean. What is even more surprising is that this approach provides a far better result than the traditional soap and sponge methods.
    Most importantly, there is also the fact that the windows will end up staying cleaning for a longer period of time since there will be no stains of any soap residue.
  • The aspect of privacy: Since the design of the water fed pole is such, the cleaner does not need to worry about bothering the owners of the house or intruding upon their privacy either. You can be sure of that. Plus, since there is no need for any ladders,
  • Overall costs are greatly reduced: Surprisingly, a lot of people out there are unaware of this fact. This is mainly due to the fact that water fed poles tend to reduce cleaning time by as much as 50%. This automatically leads to a considerable reduction in the cost of the service.
  • A smoother finish: This cannot be denied. Apart from the overall sleek look of a water fed pole, there is also the fact that not only is the finish completed much faster, but there will be an extra level of shine and gloss on your windows as well. This is mainly because only water is used.
  • No extra human effort is required: This is probably the most important aspect that sets the element of water fed poles apart from other cleaning equipment in general. Because of its very design itself, it can easily reach high windows without any need of a ladder or having to put in an extra amount of effort.

Whatever your opinion may be of water poles, you cannot deny the fact that they are a lot handier at the overall process of window cleaning than a lot of other window cleaning tools or equipment out there. That is for certain. Not to mention the key fact that a lot of these services emphasize the twin aspects of quality and customer satisfaction to the maximum. You just have to put in that extra effort and go out of your way to make sure that you get hold of a professional window cleaning service.

You also need to make sure that you do your homework as thoroughly as possible. There may be a lot of window cleaning services out there, but contrary to popular belief, a lot of them are not as reliable as you may think. Which is exactly why you should put a special emphasis on the sheer quality of their equipment. Since this is precisely where the prospect of water poles comes in, you can be sure that you are dealing with an experienced and professional window cleaning service.

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