10 Factors To Consider For Choosing The Right Curtain Fabric

Curtains are a vital part of home décor. It is the focal point of a room. Fabric can affect the appearance and lifespan of your curtains. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, linen, and silk.

Here Are Some Tips For Choosing The Right Curtain Fabric, Apart From Your Own Personal Taste:


Although certain fabrics are very attractive, some of them are not durable. The fabrics that have a long lifespan are the best to select. If you are open to change, then you can choose any fabric.

Easy To Maintain

Many materials, like silk and velvet, require dry cleaning. You can wash and dry some fabrics at home, like linen or synthetic fabrics. Fabrics should be chosen according to their use and care.

Size & Style

The style and size of the curtain will influence your choice of fabric. Tab top curtains are best made with lighter fabrics. Heavy fabrics are needed for large windows and doors that are open to prevent the curtains from flying.


Always choose the fabric according to your budget. Fabrics are priced differently. Cotton is the least expensive of all fabrics, while silk is more expensive. Curtains also differ in the amount of fabric required.


You can’t use the same fabric in every room. The different fabric serves different functions. You can use delicate and bright fabrics in casual rooms as they will only be used for decoration. In the bedroom, you should use fabrics that are neither too light nor dark.

Natural Light

Select the curtain fabric based on the natural lighting of the area. Avoid fabrics that are damaged or faded by sun exposure.

Temperature Modulation 

Some fabrics help to moderate the temperature of the space and keep heat in. Fabrics like velvet, suede, and tweed keep out the cold. Choose linen or cotton if you want a cool room.


A loosely woven fabric allows light to pass through. A higher thread count will also allow less light to pass through. Choose a tightly woven material if you want a dark room. If you prefer a bright, sunny room, go for loosely-woven fabric.


The different fabrics will give a room a different look. Real silk or faux silk will give your room a sleek and elegant appearance. For a sophisticated and simple look, choose linen or velvet.

Fabrics are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Fabrics should be chosen based on the pattern and color scheme in your room. The curtain fabric should match other furniture in the room.

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