Why Do a Home Inspection On a Home You Already Own

Recently, I’ve been conducting increasing number of home inspections for new homeowners as well as homeowners who have lived in their house for a while. If you’re a newly-wed homeowner, then you could be in exactly the same situation’ about 50-70 percent of prospective buyers in the past year who had no home inspection to have their offer accepted.

Now you’ve moved into your new home Here are a few points you’ll want to be aware of about your new residence to ensure you sleep in the evening.

  • Are there hidden flaws in the electrical panel you must be aware of?
  • Are the roofs you have on your older roof actually able to provide additional lifespan? Should you plan to replace it today or in five years? (Note that I am not interested in promoting a new roof (or other upgrades) therefore all of my suggestions are to benefit you only. I will try to offer an array of choices you have to deal repair and renovations, as well as low-cost options are available elsewhere).
  • Are you experiencing mold issues in your attic? In the Basement… Crawlspace?
  • Have your electric outlets been correctly wired?
  • What new requirements in the code for electrical outlets can increase security?
  • Are you seeing evidence of corrosion? What is the best date for replacement of your older pipes?
  • What is the approximate age that your heater is? What can you do to increase the amount of hot water flowing without causing scalding dangers?
  • Have you inspected your tank of oil recently? A few antique tanks continue to be being used however they have a limited lifespan.
  • Do you need to replace the heating unit? This may be an option in certain circumstances, however it is typically not warranted.
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of the new high-efficiency systems?
  • Are there any options when it comes to cooling? These range from easy, cheap options to incorporating central air cooling?
  • What are the cheapest ways to stop the intrusion of water into your basement?
  • Do your frames and sills have damage from termites?
  • What is the reason you get a lot of condensation on your skylights and windows?
  • What can you do with windows that are old, damaged, or damaged windows? What are the best advantages of replacing windows and the good reasons you should not replace windows.

These are only some of the ways a correctly conducted Home inspection in St Augustine Fl that will help make your home more secure and healthier. It will also make it less vulnerable to unexpected expenses.

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