What to Know Before Going to a Tailor

The fit is the most important element of your fashion. We’re sure you’re sick of hearing it from us It’s true. Finding a tailor who can assist you in achieving your ideal fitting is crucial in mastering this particular aspect of fashion. The best method to make sure your clothes be comfortable is to take your clothes to a tailor. We realize that visiting the tailor or seamstress on your first trip may be a bit daunting. Particularly if you don’t know what you’re looking for, or you’ve never been to the tailor before, and you’re not certain what you can expect from your trip.
Therefore, we’ve put together an all-encompassing list of guidelines and tips on how to prepare before visiting tailor at first.

Get Referrals & Recommendations on Where to Go
If you’re unsure of where to begin or how to choose the perfect suit tailor in mississauga that fits your style, suggest first asking your family, friends colleagues, coworkers, as well as your favorite stores for recommendations. Ask those you know whose style you admire and wish to copy. You’ll have a good idea of the top alteration services in your neighborhood as well as what they can do to improve and how they’ve assisted others in the past.

Pro Tip: Avoid getting confused by the terms tailors, seamstresses and tailoresses and tailoresses. In reality often seamstresses and tailors are able to alter both genders of clothing. You should instead find out what they specialize in and ensure they are able to match the type of work you want altered to your clothes.

Research to Find the Right Tailor for You
We recommend taking one step further to investigate local tailors, alteration shops and seamstresses within your local area. Go to Google and Yelp to read the reviews of customers, visit their website, and be sure they provide the services you require to make your changes. Be sure to consider their address and opening hours. We strongly recommend finding an alteration service that is close to your place of residence or office, and whose operating hours will be a good fit with your schedule!

After you’ve narrowed your choices to a couple of tailors, contact the shop and ask questions regarding what you’re hoping to be able to make to your clothes. You’ll get a good understanding of the work a seamstress or tailor can accomplish by one phone call. In most cases you’ll also receive estimations of costs over the phone, allowing you to quickly shop around for the best price too.

Research Local Tailors
Understand What Alterations You’ll Need
A visit to an upscale tailor shop with greater understanding of fashion, the fashion, and how to alter it can make your visit more enjoyable. It will also help you feel more comfortable when you visit the shop and ease some fear. Be familiar with the most common changes:

Hem – To reduce lengths of sleeves or pants. (keep on your toes that when wearing formal shirts, this typically requires removing the cuff therefore expect to shell out an additional few dollars)
Let it loose – To open the hem a little to allow an increase in length or length
Make it tight – tie your trousers at the waist, or wrap a jacket or shirt over the chest. (this typically involves taking the fabric off the back)
Take it up – to reduce the length of your pants or jacket
Inseam – The seam that runs from the top of your pants’ crotch towards the lower part of your leg
Rise –  The rise of pants is the length that runs from the waistline up to where the top of your crotch is
Darts – Folds and sews into the fabric to improve the shape and decrease bagginess. An easy, inexpensive method of slimming an shirts
Taper – To narrow the sleeves or legs. (think about how modern-day pants are slimmer around the ankle than the thigh. This is an example of a taper)
Original hem – cutting pieces of fabric off the jeans’s bottom and then sew the factory seam to your new top. (Preferred method.)
Cuff – The top of a dress shirt’s sleeves or the bottom of dress pants that are folded up by 3 to 4 inches
Off-the-rack – Made in large quantities; can be purchased either online or at a retailer
Unfinished hems – Pants that do not have a sewn hem on the bottom. A large number of dress pants are made this way.
Definitions and terminologies from the Primer.

Make sure to research what’s trending and how you would like new trends to affect the style of your clothes. For instance, you should know what kind of pant break you’d prefer to wear with your suit. If you’d prefer your pants to taper to slim them down.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice your thoughts while you’re there! When you go to a tailor they are providing an experience and they’d like you to be happy with the changes you’ve made. When you’re fitting, make careful to observe the pins. If you’d like something modified, moved in greater, or tapered differently. You’ll never offend anyone and you’ll be happy with the end product.

Do you give a tailor a tip?
Do You Need to Tip a Tailor
You don’t have to tip a tailor seamstress in the course of your visit.

Take in Sample Clothing as a Try-Out
We suggest that during your first appointment with a tailor, you begin by completing a simple alteration such as a hem for a jean. Once you’ve gained confidence with your tailor and are comfortable with him, you can bring the more intricate alterations, such as altering your suit.

Make Sure Your Clothing is Clean
A few tailors and local shops for alteration are allowed to do work on clean clothes and clothes. Remember this before visiting the tailor you prefer.

Find Out Piricng & Estimated Costs
Before you visit take note of what you are likely to encounter in terms price. Also, look around for the most affordable prices. In most cases you can obtain price estimates for changes by phone. But, sometimes you’ll need bring your clothes in to receive an accurate price estimate.

Make sure to wear proper shoes
Make sure you bring the appropriate footwear for the fitting. This is crucial, particularly when you’re having your pants to be hemmed. If you’re having an alteration to a formal dress be sure to take the correct undergarments to wear, since clothes can alter the way an outfit is laid.

Try On at Pick Up
Don’t forget to try on your outfit prior to leaving the tailoring shop you frequent to ensure that you’re happy with the result. In most cases tailors are able to adjust your clothes instantly and for no charge when you pick up your order if they need to.

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