Tips On Maintaining Your House Between House Cleaner Visits

Keeping your house clean not just affects the aesthetic of your place but also has an impact on your mood. There have been studies in this regard which show the link between clean spaces and happiness. However, in the busy and hectic lifestyle, you hardly get any time for keeping the house clean always. Here is how you can still manage to keep the place tidy in between the house cleaner visits. 

Create clutter boxes 

Clutter could be annoying. Especially when it is outright visible. But it is time taking when you have to tidy up a space that has lots of small clutter. You can counter this by investing in small tidy boxes for every single room. It could be a spare carton or a wicker basket. As far as they are portable you won’t face any issue. So when you see clutter hanging around in the room you can simply put this clutter in it. Once you get time later you can then organize the clutter. 

Make a schedule for tidying up space

There are some rooms which are always messier than the other and you would have to pay special attention to them. For instance, the kid’s rooms will usually get messy with all the toys littering around. Moreover, even the kitchen is something that usually gets cluttered with veggies, storage boxes and the like. You can make it a point to declutter these rooms as many times as possible as you can. This will give you the much-needed peace of mind knowing that you are doing your best for the upkeep of your place. You can take help from expert service providers that help in house cleaning in Auckland

Scan the rooms 

Every time you have guests over or there is an event, you should quickly scan the entire room to check which things you need to move. If you find things where they should not be present then take them off. Put them in their designated place. After all, that is what good housekeeping is all about. 

Remember the bathrooms 

Often we completely forget about the bathrooms while maintaining the house. The dirt is there too and you need to look after it! Buy antibacterial wipes which are available to be kept in your bathroom. You can simply clean the toilet seat with this wipe every once in a while and also use it in the sink. This way you can very well keep the bathroom hygienic. 

Use vacuum cleaner 

You cannot keep waiting for the cleaners to arrive and have got to do the bare minimum to keep the house neat and tidy. There could be a lot of dust buildup in your house due to various reasons such as pets, outside debris and winds. You should vacuum your place regularly before the cleaner visits. At the areas such as living rooms should essentially be cleaned. You impression among the visitor’s matters and they are likely to judge you if your living room is all messed up. Just taking out the vacuum cleaner at your earliest convenience will be helpful. 

Use doormats

If you want minimum dust and dirt to come inside your house then you can use heavy doormats. The heavy doormats are very helpful, especially in the monsoon season. You will see the difference as very less debris and dust will enter your place. Make it a point to keep such doormats throughout your place so that you can prevent dirt. 

We know how tough it can be to maintain the house after the cleaner has just left. You cannot afford to call them every day and still you should keep up the basic cleanliness. The aforementioned tips can help you very much in ensuring that your space stays clean. Get some boxes or trays which are meant to simply store random things that cause untidiness. When you do have time later in the day, you can then put all the things in their place. Placing doormats in your rooms is also a good idea. 

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