Most Common Window Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

A common belief is cleaning windows do not require any skills, and it can be done with any material. But it’s wrong! To get that perfectly cleaned window, you should avoid some of the common mistakes that many tend to make. Furthermore, these mistakes can also cause damage to the windows and can be the reason of hefty expenses.

Most common window cleaning mistakes to avoid

Using incorrect equipment

The five primary equipment required residential window cleaning is

  • Bucket
  • Sponge or mop
  • Scraper
  • Squeegee
  • Microfiber cloth

Mix the cleaning solution with distilled water in a bucket and using a sponge or mop lather up the windows. After rinsing, use a squeegee to get rid of any excess water on them. Lastly, dry up or polish them with a clean microfiber cloth.

Remember that all cleaning jobs do not require the use of a scraper. Only when windows have any obstinate mark or stains, scrapper will be needed.

A widespread mistake that many people make is drying windows with newspaper. They don’t realize that these newspapers contain harsh chemicals which can damage the windows. And the ink when gets rubbed off on the glass and your hands can leave behind stains.

Another strict no – is the use of any material with an abrasive surface, like razor blades. They can cause permanent damage to the glass. 

Hard scrapping

Scrapper, as already mentioned, should be used only when you cannot remove stains with a regular soapy wash. But, using scrapper is somewhat risky and should be done with a lot of caution, or it can cause scratches on your window. When using it, keep your hand steady and apply equal pressure on the surface.

Since it takes some skill, it is better to hire a window cleaning service if you find any tough stains and feel the need of using scrapper.

Cleaning a large area

Sometimes we tend to clean a large section of the window in one go, which is something to be avoided. Mentally divide the window into sections and then start cleaning. If you soap the entire window and then start wiping it dry, the soapy water may form streaks on the glass. Nothing more can be more waste of time than having to reclean an already cleaned area. So, the best way is to soap, rinse, and dry one part of the window before moving on.

Over-reaching high windows

This cleaning mistake is not only unsafe for your window, but it can be fatal for you too. For cleaning tall windows, make sure that you use a steady ladder. For safety, use ladder pads as these avoid rubbing against the surface.

For windows located in the second or third floor, it is best to hire professionals. They not only have the desired equipment, but they also know the safety rules more carefully.

Washing on a hot, sunny day

A bright sunny day doesn’t always mean that it’s best for all types of outdoor cleanings! Too much sunshine is not the perfect friend of yours when you are planning to clean windows, as it tends to dry up soap too quickly. So, even if you clean in sections, the chances of soap drying up and leaving streaks increases.

According to window cleaning experts, a temperature of about 70° and a cloudy day is ideal for window cleaning.  

Washing only one side

For spotless windows, clean both sides. While some clean only the inner portion of the windows as they are easy to clean, others clean only the outer portion as they think this part attracts more dirt. Whereas in reality, filth and dust can gather on both sides of the glass – interior and exterior.

Working from the center to outward

People mostly tend to start their cleaning process either from the middle of the window or from the bottom, and then they work outward. This only increases the quantum of work as water runs down from the top and onto the already washed areas when you move upward. Ideally, you should start at the top and then work downwards.

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