How To Install A TV Wall Mount: Tips From The Pros

It’s time to install the flat-screen television. You may have been putting it off for years or someone else might have installed your flat screen, but you now need to do it. If you’re too scared to try to hang a flat-screen television, don’t.

How To Install A TV Wall Mount

Find a friend who has experience hanging a TV and ask him to assist. Hire someone to do the job right and save your change. If you don’t like the idea of doing this yourself, then you should not attempt it. You don’t want the television to fall onto a child or on your floor and ruin hundreds of dollars worth of television. Learn how to avoid any of these scenarios. TV wall mount Professionals do it the same way.

Selecting The Right Tools

  • What tools will you require if you decide to take on the task?A measuring tape
  • A drill and bits
  • A screwdriver, or screwdriver bits
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder (optional)

Step 1: Locate the stud and mount

Find a place that is stable to hang the frame. Find the studs. There are several ways to locate studs. You can find a floor outlet and measure the distance over 16 inches. That should be a solid stud. A stud finder is another option. A studfinder is usually inexpensive and if you use it properly, will do the job. If it tells you that you’ve found a wall stud, find a place as inconspicuous as possible and poke a nail into the wall. This will confirm you’ve found one. You can use toggles if you are unable to hang the TV frame on studs. To ensure that toggles can support the combined weight of both the frame AND the television, and not just one, make sure they are built for this. Also, make sure the drywall is strong enough to support the weight. When you stand in front of the TV, the height of the frame must be such that the middle of your screen is at eye-level. Make new holes in bracket if the studs do not line up with the holes. It is not difficult to do this, and it’s better than having the mounting frame bolts miss studs. Mounting frames usually require four bolts, which will need to first be drilled. Do your best to level the surface, but there are fixes if it is slightly off. But only if you are slightly off-level!

Step 2: Install wires through the wall

The wires should be inserted into the wall when the frame is mounted. Make sure that the frame is firmly attached to the wall. Cables are approved for wall installation . If you are unsure if your wires can be installed in walls or know they aren’t suitable, you can purchase channeling that is painted and runs from the TV to the outlet. Another option is to hire someone to run an outlet to the area directly behind the TV so that it can’t be seen.

Step 3: Mounting your TV

After the frame is installed, place the TV on it. It is usually easy, but it may be necessary to use a mirror to align things. If you have a friend to help, that would be advisable. It is never a good idea to have a TV fall on someone or break. If the TV is not level after hanging, you can grab the top and push it down. Pretty ingenious, huh? This can be a good solution if you’ve put your frame into studs. It may even fix the leveling problem. Another solution is to loosen or tighten one side of the bolts on the frame at the back. You may need to remove bolts and start the process again if that doesn’t work. It is not fun to do this, so proceed slowly and carefully. Hanging a TV makes sense. The television is easier to view when it’s hung. It also looks nice. You can hang your TV if you feel comfortable. You’ll be pleased with the results.

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