How to clean your windows using the water fed pole system!

After decades of traditionally scrubbing your skylights, your body may start to protest. Have you ever felt like you just can’t scrub and wipe anymore? Some of us have left our washing activities aside, hoping for nature’s mercy, maybe waiting for the rains, perhaps. There’s something about seeing that glass all squeaky and clean, that we always search for the latest innovations and new-age techniques.

If you have not heard of the latest systems used in cleaning glass windows, then stop everything you are doing, right now, and tune into what we have to say! Are you looking for the newer generation accessories and systems that use waterfed window cleaning in Melbourne? Window Cleaning Online is one of the best sources of water fed poles; they are the top suppliers of professional window cleaning systems, and being in the business for nearly three decades, they have the best advice when it comes to all your window cleaning requirements. If you need to clean your windows quickly and efficiently, you now know who to call.

What are the things you need to keep in mind when using the water fed pole system to clean your windows?

Many people find that they are not successful when they use the water fed pole for the first time. They feel it does not work for them, or that it’s just a gimmick. If you are not using it the right way, then you need to learn from a professional. What if you are using it the wrong way? Have you ever tried to find out where you went wrong? If you are looking for an optimum outcome, you should learn to handle it correctly. We shall look at how to use this system in the right way using the following tips:

  • Exert pressure from your hips and not your arms: When you are using the poles, you don’t want to use your arms, because you will burn out by the end of the day, or maybe even half way through. The best solution is to use your hips and legs, to walk back and forth, almost in a rocking motion to get the brush up and down the window.
  • Clean the frames before you clean the glass: Before you start cleaning the glass, make sure to clean the window frames first. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that, the dirt from the frames that trickle to the glass gets cleansed as you next proceed to clean the glass part. Clean above the frame first, move across the top in an anti-clock wise manner, clearing all the hidden dirt from above the glass. This is applicable to all parts of a frame, which sits above any glass surface.
  • Always clean the top-most frames first: When you have stacks of glass, that is glass above glass, you want to make sure that you always start with cleaning from top to bottom. This is quite obvious, as all the water and dirt from above, will drip down on the frames below. Give them some time to drip down, and once all the water has come down, then only move on to the next lower frame and glass.
  • Clear out any excreta:  Trails left by snails, caterpillars and birds tend to get stuck to the panes. They are, generally, a pain to remove. Try to soak it first with water or a cleaning agent. If it won’t budge with your first cleaning, then spray water again. Leave it for some more time for soaking, and then repeat the process again. You can always try Ettore cleaning products, as their swivel heads can get around with angle adjustments, and the super squeegee channels are very helpful. Always wet the glass, before you start scraping. You can also use a brush to scrub.
  • Clean all brush heads thoroughly: Always make sure to soak the brushes in water overnight, or as soon as you finish a job. When using it for the first time, there will be a lot of soap suds and scum that you are left to clear. It will definitely take a couple of washes to get all the detergent off your glass windows. Once the brushes are soaked, and clean, leave them to dry. They should not face the wall while drying, as it may attract dust.
  • Brush and rinse: After scrubbing the glass of your windows, learn to go back and forth several times depending on how much dirt has accumulated. Usually, you will need to go through two rounds of cleaning. One of the crucial steps to keep the window clean, is to rinse completely after all the scrubbing is done with. The water used in the system is not clean after several scrubs, so rinse away all the dirty water from the glass, so that only pure water is left. Use pressure jets to completely rinse the glass surface.

Now that you know about these tips and tricks, you might as well employ it during your next spring cleaning. Turning it into a business idea may even work in your favour, especially during the winter when many cleaners do not want to leave home to do their job.

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