It’s easy to forget about cleaning when your life is busy. After a long day of juggling many obligations, you want to save time cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the floors in the kitchen.

There are many hacks and tips that you can use to brighten up your apartment, whether you are moving into an apartment in San Diego, CA or from a rental property in Pittsburgh, PA.

Here are the top cleaning tricks from professionals you can implement into your daily routine. These cleaning tips include time-saving and brilliant hacks to help you get your deposit back.

Cleaning tips and tricks

Concentrate on one room at the time.

It is easiest to clean an apartment by focusing on one room at time. You can also create a schedule to clean the whole house in one day. You can, for example, focus on your living and kitchen areas on Friday. Then, on Sunday, work on the bathrooms. Dawn dish soap can be used for many cleaning purposes. To use it as a glass cleaner mix a few drops in a spray bottle with warm water. Or use 4-5 drops to clean the floors with hot water.

Cleaning an apartment can take up valuable time. This is why many people hire a professional cleaning service. Here are some things to consider when choosing a cleaning company that suits your budget and needs.

  1. You should ensure that they are insured and licensed
  2. Look for positive reviews from clients.
  3. Take a look at the length of time they’ve been in business

A cleaning schedule that fits your needs is a good idea.

Although it can be tedious, keeping up with daily housekeeping doesn’t need to take over your whole day. These are our tried-and-true cleaning routines and habits for an apartment.

  1. Create a prioritized list of all the things you want to do.
  2. Make your bed each morning. This significantly affects how the room looks and only takes a few moments.
  3. Wash your laundry before you leave the house. Set your machine to delay to have it dry by the time you return.
  4. Keep dust and dirt out of your house by cleaning up all high-traffic areas daily.
  5. Concentrate only on one room. This will allow you to see immediate results, motivating you to clean more.
  6. You can place items that belong in another room in a container. This will help you save time and avoid running from one room to another to put things where they belong.
  7. Start by cleaning the couch. Get rid of pet hair, food crumbs and dust. You should look behind the cushions to see if any items have fallen through the cracks.
  8. Clean your carpets and dust with a vacuum. Take out any dirty clothes and wash them. Sort them.
  9. Ensure your kitchen is clean by wiping the counters and mopping the floors. This will make your apartment smell fresh.

Keep organized with technology.

A weekly cleaning checklist can help you keep track of your daily chores. You can use an app such as the Microsoft To-Do app, which will notify you about daily, weekly and monthly home maintenance and cleaning tasks.

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For easier cleaning, keep your apartment well-organized

It’s easy to clean your apartment, but it can be challenging to keep it clean. These are our top tips for keeping an apartment clean.

  1. You should make it a habit to immediately place things back in their rightful places.
  2. Make labeling your best friend. Everything should be labeled.
  3. Dust weekly with a microfiber brush. This will help prevent dust buildup.
  4. Invest in a professional service to do deep cleanings quarterly.

Dust is important!

Dusting is an essential task in any cleaning regimen. A minimum of once per week, dusting your baseboard and other surfaces can reduce the need for deep cleaning. You should plan your weekly cleaning days and keep them in mind. Baking soda and vinegar are essential cleaning products you should keep in your home. For full and gentle scrub on stoves, ovens, and shower floors, combine 1/4 cup castile soap with 1 cup baking soda.

Krud Kutter Degreaser Spray and Murphy Oil Wood Cleaner Spray are our favorites. These are both great products, safe for your home, and highly effective. We often use them as a supplement to our cleaning products. Our products are also made in-house, and we add unique fragrances to them. This will make your home smell amazing and leave it clean as a whistle. These products will transform your home.

Tips and tricks for apartment cleaning

A healthy fridge is clean

These tips will help prevent bacteria from growing in your refrigerator’s interior.

  1. To prevent the spread of bacteria, throw out any expired food.
  2. Verify if food debris is on the shelves.
  3. To absorb and eliminate food odors, you can use an air filter such as the Arm & Hammer Fresh Refrigerator Filter.

Barkeepers Friend

BKF can help you get rid of stained bathtubs, hard water spots in faucet handles, grime from oven burners and even the toilet ring. BKF is affordable at around $2 per can. It’s easy to find a good deal.

From ceiling to floor, work

Start small, by clearing out clutter and cleaning up dishes. Clean from floor to ceiling, working in each room. If you have a security deposit, cleaning your apartment before you move in is best. You can hire professional cleaners if your apartment is too messy to clean.

Use everyday household items to clean

  • Buff surfaces are coated with olive oil. Olive oils have many nutritional benefits. It can also be used to clean your apartment.
  • To remove soap scum, use vinegar and dish soap.
  • Scrub bubbles if you have tiled floors. To make the tile whiter, brush it.
  • To remove scratches from vinyl tiles, use a tennis ball.
  • Use a duster to dust the ceiling blades. Wrap a dryer sheet around your paint roller and secure it with rubber bands. Attach an extension handle for the roller.
  • You can use vegetable oil for permanent marker stains on many surfaces, including skin. You can then wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • To prevent oven buildup, use a purple degreaser
  • Use a magic eraser to clean your stove.

Cleaning tips for the end of tenancy

It can be stressful to move out, especially if your landlord isn’t returning the deposit. These tips will help you when you are moving out or getting ready to move in.

  • Hire a professional cleaner to get your deposit back. Before you hire anyone, make sure to read reviews online.
  • Be sure to check behind furniture. Furniture can leave marks on floors and walls. You should be thorough.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals. This rule does not apply to landlords who prefer harsh chemicals. Use mild soap, or mix it with vinegar.

Do you need a cleaning service? Here are some things to consider when hiring a cleaning service.

Ask about the current cleaning vendor

It’s essential to maintain your home and work environment to work remotely. Many of us are busy and don’t have time to clean up after our pets, or we have other responsibilities. These are the two main things you should look for when looking for an apartment cleaning service:

  1. Ask your leasing office about the cleaning service they use. Your leasing office likely has already thoroughly vetted the cleaning company.
  2. Make sure your neighbors had great experiences. Cross-referencing reviews from potential cleaning companies on multiple platforms such as Google, Yelp and Nextdoor is an excellent way to ensure that.

Review online

You can trust residential cleaning companies to come into your home. You can also see the reviews of previous customers to get a better idea of their quality work. You are entitled to high-quality, affordable cleaning. Do not settle for the lowest price. Quality of service is often directly related to investment.

You want a company that offers a seamless booking process and reliable customer service.

When searching for a cleaning service, it is essential to have a smooth booking process and reliable service. Flat rates are highly recommended as they eliminate ambiguity and help to set expectations.

You should also ensure that your company is fully insured and bonded and that all employees entering your home are background checked and professionally vetted. An excellent cleaning service should allow you to have more time and be more relaxed.

Make sure you use high-quality cleaning products.

Look into the company’s history and ensure they use no bleach or harsh chemicals. We have received many calls about surfaces that were damaged. Ask about their professionalism and if they are insured. Ask lots of questions.

We like Scrub Daddy sponges and Bar Keepers Friend. Bar Keepers Friend can be used in your toilet bowl to maintain its whiteness without creating rings or to remove water spots from your shower glass. It can be used to scrub the sinks in your bathroom and kitchen. Scrub Daddy sponge is the best sponge. According to our tests, it was safe for almost any surface without scratching.

Make sure that the company offers flexible and high-quality services.

You should ensure that the company is flexible in responding to your cleaning needs. Companies that have been in business for a while can be flexible and offer a high-quality service, even when faced with difficult situations.

Cleaning companies with long-standing experience in the market will know that cleanings can take longer than expected. A company with a lot of experience will operate on a relationship rather than a transactional basis. They can absorb any short-term variances due to many factors, including fixtures that take longer than expected, redoing work because of a quality control problem, and any other minor issues that may arise.

Bona is an excellent product for cleaning hardwood floors naturally, Method Organic Cleaning Products for bathrooms, kitchens, common areas and toilets, and Clorox to disinfect showers and toilets.

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